We believe that God so loved the world
that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus Christ
that whoever believes in Him should not perish
but have everlasting life.

We are a people of influence who hear the voice
of the Father to bring home the one who was lost.

He has sent us to heal the brokenhearted,
to proclaim liberty to the captives, and
the opening of the prison to those
who are bound.

Therefore we choose to go and make disciples
of all the nations, baptizing them in the
name of the Father and of the Son and of
the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe
all things that Jesus has commanded us.

And we know that He is with us always,
even to the end of the age.



Mark & Margaret Clifford
Senior Pastor
Mark is the Senior Pastor of Kingsgate and also an ordained Prophet in the UAFC.  Margie is a gifted teacher who serves as an elder in the church.
Japie & Juanita Oosthuizen
Juanita is the Assistant Pastor of Kingsgate.  Japie is an elder who serves the church with his financial gifting as the Treasurer.
Neville & Jennifer Meader
Neville and Jenny are retired pastors who now serve as elders in Kingsgate.
Francois & Elene Deysel
Francois and Elene serve as deacons in the church.  Elene is also the Administrator in our church office and Francois is a skilled South African Sign Language interpreter who makes our services accessible to the Deaf community every second Sunday of the month.
Arthur & Lesley Vos
Retired Pastors
Arthur & Lesley are the founding pastors of Kingsgate.  They have since retired after celebrating their 50th year in full-time ministry.












God began pouring out His Spirit in the USA about the year 1900 with the sign of speaking in tongues. People called it the “Apostolic Faith” because it was similar to what the early apostles experienced on the day of Pentecost.

This “Apostolic Faith” experience spread throughout the USA and Canada, and by 1908 it had spread to Sunderland in Britain, where an Anglican Church minister was baptised in the Holy Spirit. Men who were seeking more from God went to Sunderland and were also baptized in the Holy Spirit. Among them were men like Smith Wigglesworth, and W. O. Hutchinson from Bournemouth.

Hutchinson returned to Bournemouth and started a mission. Soon many others, who were hungry for more of God, went to this mission to see first hand what God was doing there. Among these was James Brooke, a Baptist minister in Bournemouth. These men joined with Hutchinson to establish the first Pentecostal Church in Great Britain, and they called it the Apostolic Faith Church.

Although this “Tongues Movement” was completely rejected by the Historic Churches, the Apostolic Churches grew rapidly, and were established worldwide under various names. This became known as the Pentecostal Movement.

James Brooke was sent to Johannesburg in South Africa in 1912, and in the space of ten years he planted many churches throughout the country. Returning to England in 1922, Brooke found that Hutchinson had backslidden and the numerous Welsh churches had broken away and formed themselves under the banner of the Apostolic Church of Great Britain. WG Hatherway left too, and he with others formed the Elim Pentecostal Church. James Brooke and some godly men with him formed the United Apostolic Faith Church, in 1926, with its Headquarters in London.

Leonard Brooke, son of James Brooke, returned to South Africa in 1938 to take up where his father had started in 1922. The mission work spread rapidly, and some city churches were also established. Today the work is growing in 17 countries in sub-Sahara Africa. Kingsgate operates under the covering of the United Apostolic Faith Church (UAFC).


The governing bodies in this denomination are:

  • General Church Council is comprised of all ordained UAFC elders in South Africa, and is governed by the word of God and a constitution.
  • This Council meets annually in Pretoria to discuss matters relating to the denomination under the guidance of the General Overseer and General Secretary. All elders are expected to attend this annual meeting.
  • The GCC elects the Executive Council every year, and appoints them to implement the decisions and recommendations of the GCC. EXCO members may stand for re-election.
  • The General Overseer and General Secretary are elected biannually on alternating years. They may stand for re-election.
  • The UAFC in South Africa is divided into three major sections called Conferences Presbyteries. These Conference Presbyteries are divided on the basis of language in order to obviate the use of interpreters at their meetings and conferences. There is the African Conference Presbyteries, the Afrikaans Conference Presbytery, and the English Conference Presbytery.
  • Each Conference area is divided into Districts under the oversight of District Ministers, and are accountable to their Conference Presbyteries. These District Ministers serve for a term of five years, and may stand for re-election.
  • Local congregations are under the oversight of local pastors. Elders and deacons are appointed in time to assist the pastor/s in their duties. At the age of 65, pastors and elders are required to submit an application to the Conference Presbytery annually for permission to continue ministering in their office and position. The office of elder and deacon is not automatically transferable should such officer leave the congregation to which they were appointed, unless requested by EXCO, the Conference Presbytery, or the District Presbytery.
  • All fixed assets in the UAFC are owned by the UAFC Board of Trustees. Congregations may appoint a local Board of Trustees to work in conjunction with the UAFC Board of Trustees.
  • All UAFC ordained apostles may sit on any Presbytery, council, or meeting by virtue of their office.