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Feel the call of God on your life? Or maybe you just want to build your Theological knowledge. Kingsgate College is where you need to be!



This is a ‘Ministerial’ course, equipping the students to minister and/or lead a basic ministry in their local congregation if the local leadership requires them to do so.

A minimum school education of Grade 10 is required by the SA Education Board to qualify for this Certificate.

Students who have not reached Grade 10 may still do the course, but will not receive the certificate.

The Certificate Course takes approximately 15 – 20 months to complete, depending on the student’s pace.

Students who have successfully completed this course will be entitled to register for the Diploma Course.


This is a more advanced academic course geared especially for students who feel the call of God on their lives for an ordained ministry. Receiving the Diploma is not accompanied by any form of ordination. Ordinations or titles are entirely up to the leaders of your local assembly and their respective governing bodies.

A minimum high school education of Grade 12 is required by the SA Education Board to qualify for this Diploma. Students who have not reached Grade 12 may still do the course, but will not receive the diploma.

The Diploma course takes approximately one year to complete, depending on the student’s pace.  Students who have successfully completed this course will be entitled to apply to Hebron Bible College, or some other accredited bible institute to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Theology.

College Fees

Registration Fee:
R 400

Monthly fee:
R 150 p/m or R 1,500 once off for the year.

Lecture Evenings

Lecture times and dates to be confirmed upon sign-up



Anyone may attend classes, but only registered students will receive materials and be allowed to write the exams.

Classes run from February to November.

An evening usually consists of 3 lectures with breaks, but may change due to the specific work involved.

Students are expected to attend all classes with a minimum overall attendance of 70%.

Lectures will start promptly at scheduled times and all students are expected to be seated and ready for lectures on time.

Students receive a holiday break during the July holidays. It is advised that any holidays arranged that may interfere with classes be arranged over this time. The exact dates will be given when classes start.


Most homework and assignments are of a practical nature, including written work, ministry practice or practical experience.

In order to enjoy the full benefit of the course, all homework and assignments are mandatory and marks may be deducted for late submission.

Students are advised to spend 3 to 4 hours studying or working on homework for every hour of class. I.E. It is advised that students spend 9 hours during the week studying.


Only registered students that are up to date with fees will be allowed into the exam venues.

A list of exam rules will be provided.

No students arriving late to the exams will be permitted to write.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):

  • Bethel Bible College recognises the principle of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and seeks to ensure that students do not lose credits for completed courses or valued life experience.
  • Awarding of RPL is at the discretion of the Administration Board.
  • Applications for RPL should be addressed to the Administrative Officer.
  • Accreditation is only given for training and experience relevant to the material provided in the Course.
  • Students applying for RPL may, at the discretion of the Administrative Board, be required to complete one or more bridging courses.


  • All courses form part of the Bethel Bible College curriculum.
  • The courses are fully accredited with Hebron Bible College and Christian Life Training. RPL for all subjects done with Bethel Bible College will be fully accredited (240 Notional Credits).

An accredited degree course could then be pursued via various institutes in South Africa.


Account Number: 627 9979 0037

Code: 255 355

Bank: FNB


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